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Treat the cause of dry eye,
not just the symptoms



iLux Treatment

The iLux system is proven clinically effective in improving symptoms and signs of evaporative dry eye.

It gently heats and compresses the edge of the eyelid, where blocked and inflamed meibomian glands are visible. The heat causes oily sludge to melt and be squeezed out, so that the glands can be unblocked, and return to normal function over time.

Meibomian Gland Expression

Our eye doctor will remove the meibofilm (biofilm mixed with diseased meibum) from your meibomian glands. This is critical to effectively treating your blepharitis and dry eyes. Doing so eliminates the inflammatory toxins that are being produced within the glands.

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women with iLux eye | Centers for dry eye

Benefits of Biofilm Treatment

Manages and resolves the root cause of dry eye
Quick, in-office treatments
Prevents symptoms from progressing
Reduces existing symptoms
Restores healthy gland function
Comfortable procedures with no downtime required
Tailored treatment plans
Long-lasting relief from symptoms

Before and after iLux treatment

iLux treatment device | Centers for dry eye

Cost of Dry Eye Treatment in Nashville, TN

As every dry eye treatment plan is created based on the individual case and degree of severity, the total cost for resolving dry eye symptoms varies from patient to patient. Some patients may require more treatment sessions than others. Dont wait to find relief from dry eyes. To find out more, and to book your two-hour consultation session at Centers for Dry Eye call Brentwood, TN at (404) 737 1921 or Atlanta, GA at (650) 899-6929. You can also get started with your inquiry by filling out our simple online contact form.

To find out more about Dr. Rynerson and our eye treatment philosophy, read our About Us page.

Our Reviews

My first appointment was last week. I have suffered with eyelid inflammation for years. Dr. Rynerson took my issue seriously and seems committed to solving my problem. After just one treatment I dont feel like I want to scratch my eyes all the time! Evaluation and first treatment the same day meant I was immediately on the track to wellness. I recommend this center for anyone suffering seasonally or year-round.

Christy LynnApril 6, 2021


Schanzlin D, Owen JP, Klein S, Yeh TN, Merchea MM, Bullimore MA. Efficacy of the Systane iLux Thermal Pulsation System for the Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction After 1 Week and 1 Month: A Prospective Study. Eye & Contact Lens. 2022;48(4):155-161. doi:10.1097/ICL.0000000000000847

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