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Dry Eyes

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Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a common and uncomfortable condition with persistent symptoms that include redness, itching, and pain.

It has a significant impact on a patients quality of life, and unfortunately, far too many people struggle with this condition on a daily basis. In fact, researchers estimate that 6.8% of Americans have dry eye disease: thats 16.4 million people!

And, thats only diagnosed cases. There are doubtlessly millions more that are unaware of their symptoms, or who have given up hope for resolving this debilitating condition. Ophthalmologists across the country will tell you that dry eye treatments make up a significant percentage of their work, however, few have the understanding of the root cause of dry eye, and the ability to effectively manage the cause in order to resolve the symptoms.

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About Dry Eyes

Air conditioning, wind, contact lenses, and cold, moistureless air can deprive the eyes of their natural lubrication. But while some people have the luxury of only short-lived discomfort, others may find that their eyes are a constant source of aggravation. Its commonly thought that an absence of moisture is the cause of dry eye, when in fact, it is a symptom. Nevertheless, its important to understand how our eyes stay moist in order to understand the impact that dry eye has, and why Dr. Rynersons groundbreaking approach to treating this condition is so effective.

Centers for Dry Eye

iLux Treatment

A clinically proven remedy for evaporative dry eye, iLUX uses gentle heat to melt the oily sludge in the meibomian glands to revive normal function.


Centers for Dry Eye

We give an eventual resolution
of the disease. So that you
stay in good health.



Tear Film

Our eyes stay lubricated by a unique mix of secretions from different glands in the eyelids. When these glands are unable to produce the right amount of lubrication, known as tear film, dry eyes can be an uncomfortable side effect.

Two types of tear glands are responsible for our tear production: meibomian glands which produce the oily layer of our tear film, and the lacrimal glands which produce the water part of our tears. The meibomian glands are located along the inner eyelids, just behind the lash line, and produce meibum, the oily layer of tear film. Like all other oils, it floats on top of water. In our eyes, this prevents the water in our tear film from evaporating.

Many people choose over-the-counter medications or home remedies in an attempt to remoisturize their eyes and alleviate dry eye symptoms. Self-treatments for dry eyes produce disappointing long-term results - if they have any effect at all. Unfortunately, even the most expensive prescription eye drops will fail to resolve this condition, and dry eye can progress to devastating effect.

Thats because eye drops only treat the surface of the eye temporarily, rather than addressing the root cause located underneath the eyelids: biofilm.

Centers for Dry Eye

Tear Film

Centers for Dry Eye

Biofilm: The True Cause of Dry Eye

The reason that the meibomian glands and lacrimal glands fail to function properly is because of a proliferation of bacteria. These bacteria multiply in an impenetrable structure known as biofilm, which protects them from our normal immune response, and most medical interventions to date. The bacterial biofilm produces toxins that lead to chronic inflammation, as our body reacts to the irritation. And eventually, the toxins enter the meibomian glands. This causes the healthy oil that is normally produced in these glands to be converted to a sludge, which is incapable of lubricating the eye and eventually obstructs the meibomian glands, causing a slow death of the meibomian glands. If enough oil production is lost, the water-producing lacrimal glands will overcompensate and actually cause a paradoxical watering of the eyes. Over time, the lacrimal glands can also be disabled. And, if this biofilm is allowed to further ravage the eyes unchecked, it can eventually damage the tendons of the eyes, leading to drooping eyelids and nerve damage.


Treat the Cause of Dry Eye, Not Just the Symptoms

Our doctor, Dr. James M Rynerson, is the pioneer that
discovered this underlying cause of dry eye.

We use three primary means of attacking and eliminating the biofilm. The in-office BlephEx system removes the lid margin biofilm with a comfortable spinning sponge, which is followed by a XEMO Pro treatment that vaporizes the biofilm living within the meibomian glands. The final procedure is performed by an iLux system which is a handheld eyelid heating and pressure device that simultaneously melts and removes this sludge along with the toxins to improve comfort levels and eliminate the debilitating symptoms of evaporative dry eyes. These treatments are typically all done at the same visit leading to a gradual improvement of symptoms and an eventual resolution of the disease itself

Centers for Dry Eye

Two Hour Personal Consultation

Are dry eye symptoms impacting your ability to perform daily tasks and enjoying your life in comfort? If you are facing day after day of uncomfortable, gritty dryness, come to Centers for Dry Eye for a comprehensive two-hour education and consultation session with our eye specialists. We offer initial meetings with no physician referral as well as accept physician-referred consultations. During the appointment, we will assess your dry eye condition and provide educational information to help you better understand the cause of your dry eye symptoms.

Depending on the degree of your inflammation, we will be able to recommend the best course of action, and develop a long-term treatment plan that will help you finally get the relief you deserve, and prevent your symptoms from progressing further.


Get Your Initial Consultation At No Cost

At Centers for Dry Eye, we care about the health of your eyes. Thats why we provide a 35-minute video for our patients on the causes of dry eye, and the best ways to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms

Watch the entire video in one sitting, and you will get your initial consultation for free! Read the details on our contact page for more information.

Our Reviews

My first appointment was last week. I have suffered with eyelid inflammation for years. Dr. Rynerson took my issue seriously and seems committed to solving my problem. After just one treatment I dont feel like I want to scratch my eyes all the time! Evaluation and first treatment the same day meant I was immediately on the track to wellness. I recommend this center for anyone suffering seasonally or year-round.

Christy LynnApril 6, 2021


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