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Our Health Mission

At Centers for Dry Eye, we believe that you
cannot treat your disease unless you
understand your disease.

Dr. Rynerson`s groundbreaking research on the cause of dry eye will be fully explained so you can finally understand what is going on with your eyes. We look out for you, your eyes, and your budget. We will find a solution that will best provide you relief from blepharitis and dry eye.


A Physician Who Cares

Dr. James M Rynerson

Dr. James Rynerson´s graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School and completed his ophthalmology residency at LSU Shreveport. He has been in practice for 20 years and now specializes in dry eye and blepharitis. It was during his years in private practice that Dr. Rynerson developed a strong interest in the treatment of blepharitis and dry eye disease, and is now widely recognized as the eye doctor who discovered the root cause of both diseases.

Dr. Rynerson is a leading expert in the treatment of dry eye and blepharitis disease.

He lectures around the world in places like Germany and in China to educate other doctors about the etiologies of these diseases, so they can be treated based on the root cause. He also holds a number of patients related to the treatment of blepharitis and dry eye, and offers those treatments as well as others to patients who have suffered for years with these chronic diseases.

He lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and son.

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Centers for Dry Eye

At Centers for Dry Eye, we provide comprehensive care and long-term solutions for patients with dry eye symptoms and blepharitis. Ophthalmologist Dr. James M Rynerson is the founder of Centers for Dry Eye and the leading specialist in the treatment of dry eye and blepharitis.

After years of research, Dr. Rynerson came up with a breakthrough hypothesis:
the underlying culprits are bacterial biofilms, the defense shields of the bacterial world.

Like plaque on the teeth (another type of biofilm), these structures stick to the eyelids and stay there, causing chronic inflammation and symptoms which come back again and again. Dr. Rynerson uses cutting-edge, in-office treatments to precisely eliminate this biofilm resulting in functional tear glands and a resolution of symptoms. In this way, we are addressing the root cause of the disease and fixing it once and for all.

Our Reviews

My first appointment was last week. I have suffered with eyelid inflammation for years. Dr. Rynerson took my issue seriously and seems committed to solving my problem. After just one treatment I dont feel like I want to scratch my eyes all the time! Evaluation and first treatment the same day meant I was immediately on the track to wellness. I recommend this center for anyone suffering seasonally or year-round.

Christy LynnApril 6, 2021

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