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Remove the source of blepharitis,
Improve the health of your lids.



BlephEx Treatment

BlephEx is an effective, in-office debridement treatment for blepharitis. It´s also pain-free!

The device removes many years of biofilm buildup, helping you find relief from the symptoms of blepharitis. With repeated treatments, BlephEx can help you to achieve long-term eyelid health.

How does BlephEx work?

The BlephEx system is an eyelid hygiene device. A tiny spinning sponge unclogs glands and removes lash debris and the surface biofilm in a simple, fast treatment session. By removing this Saran Wrap-like layer, BlephEx gets right to the original source of the problem. And because BlephEx removes biofilms, the food source for Demodex, it also keeps those tiny mites at bay. This is the first step in fixing your dry eye disease.

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BlephEx Treatment machine | Centers for Dry Eye

Benefits of Biofilm Treatment

Quick, painless procedure
Removes eyelid debris
Unclogs glands
Restores tear film function
Reduces inflammation
Prevents worsening symptoms
Customizable treatment plans
Long-lasting relief from symptoms

Before and after BlephEx treatment

women with before and after blephEx treatment | Centers for Dry Eye

Restore Your Eye Health

A BlephEx treatment is a mandatory first step in restoring the health of your tear glands.

The chronic inflammation caused by biofilms not only damages your tear glands, but also the elasticity of your eyelids leading to early wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, redness, and wetness (in early stages of the disease), making you look older than you really are.

We offer BlephEx as the lid debridement technique of choice. All treatments start with removing the years of biofilm accumulation from your eyelids, and nothing works better than BlephEx. This eliminates the source of dry eyes and blepharitis, and by removing it´s food source, can help get rid of Demodex.

Cost of Blepharitis Treatment in Nashville, TN

A BlephEx treatment is a mandatory first step in restoring the health of your tear glands.

Every treatment plan at Centers for Dry Eye is built around the needs of the individual. Dr. Rynerson takes pride in offering effective BlephEx treatments that provide patients with effective eyelid cleaning, restored eye comfort, and improved quality of life.

The severity of dry eye varies from patient to patient, so total treatment costs will vary according to your circumstances. In a majority of cases, a series of treatment sessions throughout the year is required to fix your dry eye, and then treatments every 6 months, like a dental cleaning, maintain healthy tears.


Our Reviews

My first appointment was last week. I have suffered with eyelid inflammation for years. Dr. Rynerson took my issue seriously and seems committed to solving my problem. After just one treatment I dont feel like I want to scratch my eyes all the time! Evaluation and first treatment the same day meant I was immediately on the track to wellness. I recommend this center for anyone suffering seasonally or year-round.

Christy LynnApril 6, 2021

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